Susan Adams, M.Ed.


What I do/What I offer/How I want to play:

I innovate with technology to create learning pathways that thrive. Increasingly, to connect is to learn.  To share is to create knowledge. How we inhabit our digital spaces matters. To maximize results and create more with less, I map transformational learning experiences and environments that empower.

This blog is emerging. It is a place for exploration and learning. 

I am curious about:

  • Ethical standards (or lack thereof) in the tech industry
  • The social impact of social networks on our lives
  • The impending moral reckoning of the computer science industry 
  • Metrics that encourage generative behaviors online
  • Designing learning experiences that foster emergent learning
  • The OER (Open Educational Resources) movement

Who I am:

I am an energetic, dedicated, and highly experienced administrative professional adept at instructional design, learning management systems, talent development and facilitation, curriculum design, assessment planning, eLearning development, and technical writing. Innovative collaborator with keen strategic vision committed to integrating best practices and project goals within long term organizational mission. 

I hold a Masters of Education in Student Affairs Administration where I held roles of international student recruiter, health & wellness educator, assistant director of student life, faculty development specialist, instructional designer and project manager. My most recent roles include managing learning management systems and consulting on ecosystems of educational technology at both Oregon Health & Science University and Yale University. 

Why the name Edtech Insight?

The name Edtech Insight comes from my affinity to the word "Insight" which I connect to a buddhist form of meditation called Vipassana which in sanskrit means insight into the true nature of reality. 

I named my single rowing shell Insight because most of my epiphanies arise from the glass water she pierces through.