Project Management


Adaptive Learning Pilot Projects

math & chemistry department

Portland State University is a recipient of the first cohort of the Bill and Linda Gates foundation 9 million dollar adaptive learning grant.

Scope of work:

  • Worked with key department stakeholders, vendors and graduate student assistants to produce key deliverables.

  • Designed student on-boarding strategy.

  • Creating protocols for using the learning analytics to inform teaching and early intervention strategies for struggling students.

  • Developed and facilitated Graduate Student Assistant training

  • Adaptive Platforms used: ALEKS, Knewton and McGraw-Hill LearnSmart.

  • Also familiar with Adaptive platforms: Smartsparrow, Cogbooks, & Realizit

Flex Degree Course Redesign Projects Portland state university

School of Business, english Department, BA in Social Work, Graduate Certificate in Aging, Math, Chemistry

Scope of Work:

Project managed the redesign of courses from face-to-face to hybrid or fully online deployments in 12 week development terms. Coordination of key stakeholders includes: SME’s, media team, UX team, accessibility experts and department coordinators. Weekly consultations that personalize the design process to leverage instructor strengths and address weak areas.