Curriculum Development


Achieving the dream

Content Development

Course Build in Canvas LMS

Designed and developed a blended training model that directed participants to complete a 2.5 hour self-paced set of activities, including forum discussions and a final assignment to complete prior to their 3-day face to face training.

Watch voiceover screencast tour of the course here

Introduction to Pathways is a training curriculum for higher education administrators and faculty to become coaches that implement an institution-wide set of educational program maps to support student success. These include specific course sequences, progress milestones and program learning outcomes that are aligned to what will be expected of students in the workforce.

Scope of work:

  • Guided strategic design process with subject matter experts to curate course content, contextualize participant personas, consider interaction touch-points and develop a deployment plan.

  • Provided instructional strategies that align online content and interaction with face-to-face training for a blended model.

  • Trained educators on best practices in facilitating thriving online discussions.

  • Organized and divided content into a meaningful and logical module structure inside of the Canvas Learning Management System.

  • Developed concise and relevant naming conventions and transitional statements for effective participant progression to completion.

  • Utilized design talents to generate banner photos and logo placement.

  • Produced voiceover screencast orientation of the course.

Measure of Success: 68% of participants engaged in the material, posted in forums and completed the final assignment prior to attending the face-to-face training. Anecdotal feedback given at the face-to-face training  revealed that content was easy to navigate, relevant, and effectively prepared participants for face-to-face training. Facilitators gained valuable knowledge of participants prior to face to face training to both inform their presentations and personalize the experience.  


Measure of Success: Participants reported that content was much easier to access and understand. Analytics revealed that participants accessed content early and frequently.

Achieving the Dream

Repurposed Prior Learning Assessment Handbook into a self-paced online course.

Scope of work:

  • Repurposed 75 pages of content originally designed as a handbook into a self-paced online course.  

  • Moved content from Microsoft OneNote to a Google Documentation structure and ultimately placed content modules inside of the Blackboard Learning Management System

  • Organized and divided content into meaningful and logical module structures using concise and relevant naming conventions and transitional statements for effective participant progression to completion.

  • Developed activities that required participants to map content, goals and strategies based on course concepts.

  • Designed templates and prompts to complete mapping exercises.

  • All content was designed and developed to be deployed as either self-paced or in a facilitated cohort model. This included consistent naming conventions and editing content to ensure a seamless process no matter what deployment choice.