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Teaching Week 2018, Portland State University

Andrew Lawrence, Instructional Technologist
Susan Adams, Instructional Designer in the Office of Academic Innovation

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How would you like to come to a workshop with a problem, and leave with a solution? In this active workshop, we’ll be systematically defining a real life instructional problem, and then implementing a tangible solution that works in your learning community. Once familiar with this design process, you can use it again and again as a pathway to collaboratively solve any course design challenge!


Teaching Week 2018, Portland State University

Sonja Taylor, M.S, Instructor, University Studies
Susan Adams, Instructional Designer, Office of Academic Innovation

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Graphic Organizer of Roles for Online Discussions

Participants will come away from this workshop with a variety of discussion approaches and activity ideas that can foster authentic online conversations both inside of D2L and in the open web. We’ll explore the barriers we face to having an engaging online discussion and reflect on how we inhabit our digital spaces professionally and personally. What constitutes a substantive post? How can discussions be assessed?

Visitors & Residents: Mapping Your Digital Engagement

Using David White and Donna Lanclos guidebook, I offered this workshop to the design team at both Oregon, Health and Science University and Portland State University to invite an exploration into the impact of policy and strategy in our office is impacted by the ways we inhabit our digital spaces.

“Paying attention to the way people engage online is crucial, not just for understanding what engagement with digital tools and places actually looks like, but also to inform the potential transformation of those tools and places to more effectively meet the needs of the institutions. The workshop can be used as a starting point to explore areas such as digital literacy and digital leadership at an individual and institutional level, going on to inform policy/strategy.” ~ David White and Donna Lanclos

Conquering the Content:

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Discover practical time-saving strategies to streamline your course development process. This hands-on workshop will help you map your course content to align with course objectives, activities and assessments. You'll also learn how to create navigation strategies to enhance your student’s online learning experience.

Teaching Online Master Class

Portland State University

In progress. Description forthcoming

Future Trends in Teaching Online:

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